about my e2i Internship

At Engage 2 Innovate Creative Studio I was Team Lead for a virtual reality simulation. Our purpose was to help people suffering from aphasia and post-traumatic stress disorder through a series of therapeutic VR experiences. We were tasked by our partnering doctors and psychologists to create an environment their patients would be comfortable exploring. The visual interest areas in the scene are designed to encourage the patient to communicate.


My team consisted of 2D artists, CG artists, and programmers. The programs we used were Autodesk MAYA, Substance Painter, the HTC Vive, and Unity as our game engine. Our first step was to research and understand aphasia and PTSD. My task was to create weekly presentations not only for our director and research associates, but also our partnering medical professionals.


Throughout the entire development cycle, I planned, designed, and scheduled the implementation of assets in our project. I tasked my teammates with 3D modeling, lighting, texturing, and coding. During the internship, I corrected noticeable bugs such as flickering textures, a working fire that created smoke, throwable snowballs, a glitching fishing pole, and missing models. I sat with my team to conclude the best solutions to these bugs in a timely manner. In the end, I prepared a final presentation for our entire board.

Project Design Document

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