Christina Wong is an artist from Orlando, Florida. She is a full-time Master of Arts student at SCAD and a full-time financial aid administrator at Full Sail University. She works in a variety of media such as augmented reality, 3D illustration, and crystal arts. Her interest in art began when she was voted Coloring Queen in kindergarten and since then has been passionate about creative expression. She is the type that can see possibilities everywhere and is constantly taking in information by looking at the world around her and asking the questions why, and how, it is the way it is.

Christina’s constant creative state of mind was noticed in her adolescence. Because of this she was sent to leadership conferences around the US yearly. From this experience she can easily adapt based on situation and context, enjoys networking, and quite often finds herself in a leadership position.

During her undergraduate years, her work investigated the dynamics of both sides of the brain when one is creating or viewing art. She was inspired by her love for animals and neurological stimulation. Her BFA Exhibition merged how the two can bring awareness to pressing matters such as conservation. From this, she blended her values seamlessly into her art, creating unique outlets of ingenuity, learning, and community for her audience.

She spends her spare time creating crystal arts and attending horror conventions. Some of her specialties are quadrupeds, minerals, and abandoned places. Her work has been displayed around Florida such as at the CityArts Factory and has been congratulated by National Geographic.


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